Sunday, October 23, 2011

Final downsize!

Well, the final downsize is the bedroom and workshop.
The bedroom is a bit of a no brainer. 2 sets of bed clothes with an extra blanket or pillows. We also have an electric throw blanket each just in case it get's real cold. Here in the high altitudes of the Rockies, nights do get cold and you don't really feel it as it is so dry. As for the shop equipment? It all goes. I do have some hand tools with power, however, if I don't use it, it will go up for sale. I will keep my Dremel and attachments, as I do use them often and they're quite handy and small. Hand tools are essential for repairs and small projects do come up often, especially for modifications to our camper. so, chose wisely and keep in mind to consider, is it muti tasking and/or functional. Space is precious and the weight is crucial when traveling. Especially when you may have to travel down a mountain pass, such as, Wolf Creek Pass in SW Colorado. You don't want to end up in the front wall of the hardware store in downtown Pagosa Springs. LOL! Next week, I'll start sharing some of our adventures and Misadventures of uor RVing experiences and see about some pics to show off the beauty of our america as we get ready to leave Pagosa Springs to warmer climates as glenda is so tired of snow and winter weather! Happy Trails!


  1. Jeff, time to update the blog. Where are you at now? Still in MO? A lot of people will be gone by the first of February in Q but there will be plenty left for you to meet up with.

    If you're anywhere near Apache Junction, kind of a suburb of Phoenix on the east side, let us know. We would love to meet up with you.

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