Sunday, October 23, 2011

Final downsize!

Well, the final downsize is the bedroom and workshop.
The bedroom is a bit of a no brainer. 2 sets of bed clothes with an extra blanket or pillows. We also have an electric throw blanket each just in case it get's real cold. Here in the high altitudes of the Rockies, nights do get cold and you don't really feel it as it is so dry. As for the shop equipment? It all goes. I do have some hand tools with power, however, if I don't use it, it will go up for sale. I will keep my Dremel and attachments, as I do use them often and they're quite handy and small. Hand tools are essential for repairs and small projects do come up often, especially for modifications to our camper. so, chose wisely and keep in mind to consider, is it muti tasking and/or functional. Space is precious and the weight is crucial when traveling. Especially when you may have to travel down a mountain pass, such as, Wolf Creek Pass in SW Colorado. You don't want to end up in the front wall of the hardware store in downtown Pagosa Springs. LOL! Next week, I'll start sharing some of our adventures and Misadventures of uor RVing experiences and see about some pics to show off the beauty of our america as we get ready to leave Pagosa Springs to warmer climates as glenda is so tired of snow and winter weather! Happy Trails!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Downsize the kitchen

Well, it's time again to post my promise of downsizing the kitchen. Even though I said goodbye to the bigh fridge, full range, and dishwasher, I've found that my RV fridge holds enough food for 5 or more days depending on what and how much I make. The range was replaced by a 2 burner cook top inside and a 2 bigger burner cook stove outside. The oven is a good size toaster oven with convection and rotisserie and can bake a 12 inch pizza. The dishwasher of course is now Glenda and I. Not too shabby, and it only takes about 15 minutes to wash, dry, and put away. My mixer is a handheld combination with several different attachments including bread hooks. I also have an immersion blender with a food processor attachment. For convenience while using shore power these items are great and I also have a small crock pot and a temp control hot plate. Last but not least I kept and brought an electric skillet. That's my appliances and they have been in much use. When picking out your hand tools for the kitchen I have a couple of spatulas, a few whisks, serving and stirring spoons including slotted and solid. A peeler is a good item as well as a good set of chefs knives of different sizes. With the case that the knives came in I screw the case to the inside door of my storage area under the cooktop. It's a great place and takes up little room for keeping that space open for a few small and medium pots and a couple of skillets and silicon bakeware that can be rolled up for more space saving. The bakeware will work up to 400 deg F. One pot that I also brought was a pressure cooker for High altitude cooking. I'm presently above 7200 ft and beans and rice need the pressure to cook, otherwisw you'll be 2 days cooking beans and at least 8 hrs cooking rice. Dinner set for 4 is great for us and then of course we mustn't forget the all most important coffee maker also make great tea and hot cocoa(marshmallows are a great option). I do have a mandolin and a couple of mini graters that have been used often and then we also have to invaluable can opener and a few sieves for straing or steaming. A rolling pin is actual an unopened can of soup for bisquits or pie shell. Then a few odds and ends for whatever. What I have is basically here with mutipurpose items that can double for any given task. I've even got a mallt for crushing, breaking, and tenderizing. Oh, a 2 cup measuring cup or tube is also needed. So, have fun, you won't miss the big high energy items once you get used to these smaller things and it won't take long. Cya next week for more downsizing.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fulltime RVing with less clutter

  My name is Jeff Heisel and I am a full timer in my Casita travel trailer. My companions are, my best friend, Glenda, our dog, a thirty lb Keeshond, Kira, a Mainecoon cat of 20 lbs, Boots(or Booter), and a little Manx cat of 7 lbs, TK(Travel Kitty).
  Let's start this with where we started. We lived about 20 miles north of Kansas city, Mo in 4.25 acres of woods in a 1500 sq ft high ranch home directly under the flight path of KCI airport. Glenda built this home in 1986 and I moved into the home in January of 1995. I fell in love with the area so much that I stayed. we officially became a couple about 7 - 8 months later and have been together since.
  In July of 2008, we finally decided, after much research, to purchase our first travel trailer. It's our Casita Liberty Deluxe, 17 ft. We named her ConEGGstoga as any where you travel from the Kansas City area, you Must travel through prairie land. Think about the pioneers when they started from Kansas City, or St. Joseph, or Historic Weston.
  Well, we started camping and rving till we started thinking about how depressed we were becoming about returning home each time. So, this past January Glenda and I discussed this and talking more about fulltiming. She then made the announcement that she was going to let the house go and we'll start this spring or summer(we escaped the rat race Memorial weekend). Later, I did a quick inspection of the cement floor in the garage for cracks where my jaw dropped with the force of a 40 ton truck. Needless to say a few ibuprophen later, my jaw felt better.
  Now for the real subject of today's blog. Downsizing! We started looking at everything we felt we would need to have with us and made the command decision make everything possible an item that can and will multitask. Yep, if it doesn't, it's gone. Well, for the most part. Glenda was to handle all inside issues away from the kitchen. Me? I had all outside, kitchen, repairs, tools, setup, etc. Oh, the kitchen is my 2nd playroom after the shop as Glenda does not like cooking and I love it. Besides, I'm a certified and experienced chef also. Other career experiences will be later. My biggest challenge was tools for shop use and tools for cooking. Oye! Glenda was about the pets and bedding, cleaning, and clothes(still way too many tees). My clothes were much simpler, wnter and summer things for 5 days each. Well, maybe 7 days each.
  I seem to be getting long winded, so I'll say for now Happy Trails to all.
  Next post, I'll do a bit more detail on kitchen tools to consider away from your past stick built.